Brisbane's Premiere Fitness Facility

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Brisbane's Premiere Fitness Facility


Keen to try Boxing?  Whether it be Fitness, Technique or your first fight that you’d like to train for, we have got you covered.  Our classes can and do cater for people of all levels, experience and ages!  Get more info by clicking below.

Personal Training

We understand that finding a PT is just that, personal!  Our trainers are understanding of your goals, to the point and driven by getting you results.  Book a complimentary, obligation free session and see if we fit your criteria.


If you have thought about doing CrossFit, just come and try a free class.  There is nothing to be intimidated by and we scale workouts to any level you are at, from having never exercised through to former elite athletes.  The atmosphere will make you want to stay.

Fit & Experienced

The Health and Fitness Shed…. if you are an experienced fitness fanatic and want a great place to train with like minded individuals that will push you to further your goals, whether that be with boxing, CrossFit or other training

New & Not Sure

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming community for new members of all fitness levels. If you want to learn in a friendly passionate environment, with a great group of people, get in contact and we can help you change your life!

Our Facilities

The Health and Fitness Shed is indeed a “Gym” at first glance, yet what we offer is not your usual rows of treadmills, pin-loaded weights and the glamour of the newest Fitness First.

What you will see around our facility are Barbells, Boxing Bags and a whole lot of equipment that may look foreign to someone familiar with their cardio machines.  The training gear you will find in our facility will teach you to move your body in a functional way, which originates from a time where neck, hip and knee pain was so much less common.

Regardless of where your starting point is, our equipment and coaches can assist you in everyday tasks like getting yourself up off the ground, right through to dropping those last 5kg or even becoming a competitive athlete.

As our community grows we will endeavor to introduce facilities that compliment our existing training methods, including a Yoga Studio, Remedial Massage, Dietetic and Physiotherapy clinic, and who knows what else…


While parking is scarce at peak hour, our early risers can park anywhere on Balaclava Street, as can those coming between 9:00am-4:00pm or after 6:00pm.

If you train between 7:00 and 9:00am or 4:00-6:00pm we recommend you park in the angle parking next to the graffiti’d wall of the old pub across the road, in the Centre parking on Logan Road or on Broadway Street, which runs parallel to our street, behind our building.  This street has unlimited parking and is less than a 200m walk.

Showers and Lockers

Our shower and (soon to come) locker facilities makes it easy to shower and head straight to work of a morning, change into training gear in the afternoon or even do an AM and PM session.

Boxing Ring

Our Boxing Ring sits at a tidy 6m x 6m and will have you looking on in awe as you watch a class training on pads or 2 fighters battling it out in a pre fight sparring session.

Free Weights

We have Dumbbells, Barbells and Kettlebells galore.  You will never be short on a squatting station or space to deadlift and clean.  Mix up your weight training with some skipping, box jumps or medicine ball work and you will be set for life.


Our purpose built CrossFit Facilities are utilized in a way to measure participants improvements in the ten physical skills recognized to reach optimal physical competence.  There cover cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, flexibility, strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.  Many apparatus are used to scale any movement to an achievable level for that specific athlete.

Brisbane's Premiere Fitness Facility

Boxing . CrossFit . Personal Training . Wellness Join Today

Interested in living healthy?  We would love to chat!

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